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DaemonThreadFactory - Class in io.parallec.core.util
A factory for creating DaemonThread objects.
DaemonThreadFactory() - Constructor for class io.parallec.core.util.DaemonThreadFactory
Instantiates a new daemon thread factory.
datagramChannelFactory - Variable in class io.parallec.core.resources.TcpUdpSshPingResourceStore
date - Variable in class io.parallec.core.monitor.MonitorProvider.PerformUsage
The date.
details - Variable in class io.parallec.core.task.TaskErrorMeta
The details.
director - Variable in class
The director.
disableCertificateVerification() - Method in class io.parallec.core.resources.AsyncHttpClientFactoryEmbed
Disable certificate verification.
durationSec - Variable in class io.parallec.core.ParallelTask
The duration sec.
durationSec - Variable in class io.parallec.core.task.ParallelTaskBean
The duration sec.
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